Marchio Ink for Leather Spray

Ink for Leather Spray, il nuovo prodotto di Syn Bios!


    Syn Bios S.p.A.

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Marchio Ink for Leather Spray, Syn Bios.
Il nuovo logo rappresenta la nuova serie di inchiostri all’acqua per la tintura del cuoio in fase di rifinizione, brevettata da Syn Bios.
Nascono come integrazione della serie INK FOR LEATHER per botte.

Ink for Leather Spray logo, Syn Bios.
The new logo represents the new set of water-based inks for finishing dyeing.
Complementary product range of INK FOR LEATHER system for drum dyeing; they allow to correct and/or further bring out the color tone obtained after the drum dyeing process, not affecting in any way the outstanding fastness to light and migration on PVC.


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